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Chapter 67

67.1 Everyone in the world says my Way is great,
       but it seems incomparqble.
       It is just because it is great that it seems incomparable:
       when comparisons are long established it becomes trivialized.

67.2 I have three treasures that I keep and hold:
       one is mercy,
       the second is frugality,
       the third is not presuming to be at the head of the world.
67.3 By reason of mercy, one can be brave.
       By reason of frugality, obe can be broad.
       By not presuming to be at the head of the world, one can make your potential last.
67.4 Now if one were bold but had no mercy,
       if one were broad but were not frugal,
       if one went ahead without deference,
       one would die.

67.5 Use mercy in war, and you win;
       use it in defense, and you're secure.
       Those whom heaven is going to save are those it guards with mercy.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation
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