November 13th, 2016

  • trevoke


Something mysteriously formed,
Born before heaven and Earth.
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion.
Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.
I do not know its name
Call it Tao.
For lack of a better word, I call it great.

Being great, it flows
I flows far away.
Having gone far, it returns.

Therefore, "Tao is great;
Heaven is great;
Earth is great;
The king is also great."
These are the four great powers of the universe,
And the king is one of them.

Man follows Earth.
Earth follows heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
Tao follows what is natural.
Something perfect
has existed forever,
even longer than the universe.
It's a vast, unchanging void.
There's nothing else like it.
It goes on forever and never stops,
and everything else came from it.

I don't know what else to call it
so I'll call it Tao.
What's it like?
I can tell you this much: it's great.

So great that it endures.
Something that endures
goes a long way.
And something that goes a long way
always comes back to the beginning.

Tao's great.
Heaven's great.
Earth's great.
And someone in touch with Tao
is great, too.
Those are the four greatest things
in the universe.

Someone who's in touch with Tao
is in touch with the earth.
The earth is in touch with heaven.
Heaven's in touch with Tao.
Tao's in touch with the way things are.

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.

Preparation For The Day -- by Jos Stabbert


                                                    Preparation for the Day

                                                                I am not
                                                    the thoughts in my mind.
                                              Let them come and let them go.

                                                      is my natural state.
                                                Let me control my tongue.

                                                              is the way,
                                                               Give me
                                                    patience and humility
                                              to act only when necessary.

                                                    is my natural condition.
                                                         Let my mind be
                                                           a placid pool
                                                  undisturbed by emotions,
                                                           reflecting only

                                                         fills my true self.
                                                       May my thoughts,
                                                            my speech,
                                                        and my actions
                                                be filled with compassion
                                                 and guided by wisdom.

                                                         is my essence,
                                                    Let me curb my ego.
                                                            No vanity
                                                  may enter my thoughts.
                                                             No pride
                                                   may enter my speech.
                                                          No arrogance
                                                    may enter my action.
                                                    Let me find comfort
                                              in obscurity and anonymity.

                                                    I am emptiness only.
                                                          Nothing else.
                                                Everything else is illusion.

                                                    Causing suffering
                                                      to any creature
                                                no matter how remote
                                                      or how different
                                              is cutting into my own flesh.
                                                          Being kind
                                                      to any creature
                                                no matter how remote
                                                    or how differerent
                                                        is being kind
                                                          to myself.

                                                Separation is illusion,
                                                      unity is real.
                                            I am part of every thing.
                                            Every thing is part of me.

                                                  Let me move to
                                                    the rhytm of
                                                in total unison with

                                           Everything comes from  
                                          and everything returns to

                                                  So let it be.

From "The Way is the Way," by Jos Stabbertt  2001
Preparation For The Day -- by Jos Stabbert - Faithful Doubter