August 26th, 2016

The Tao Is Tao (117)



                                                   People in harmony with the Tao
                                                        eat when they are hungry
                                                     and rest when they are tired.
                                                    They build houses for shelter
                                                              and not for show,
                                                  they weare clothes for protection
                                                            and not as a facade.
                                                              They work to live,
                                                and not to demonstrate superiority.
                                              They need neither unity nor division.
                                                    They speak to communicate
                                                              and not to control.
                                                               They love silence.
                                                              They do not know
                                                            who their leaders are,
                                                             for their leaders are
                                                                  true leaders,
                                                              They obey no law,
                                                                yet break none,
                                                                  for their laws
                                                        are based on compassion.
                                                  They sleep like innocent children,
                                                              with open windows
                                                             and unlocked doors.

                                                                                                      -- Jos Stabbert