August 2nd, 2016

The Tao is Tao (93)



                                                     The wise are wary of words,
                                                  which corrupt rather than cure.
                                                                  They know
                                                       is the obesity of the ego,
                                                    the symptom of ignorance.

                                                    The wise will tell you that,
                                                        like dust on a mirror,
                                                words distract and distort reality.
                                             In the hands of those with evil intent,
                                                            words of wisdom
                                                                       lead to

                                                          The true Taoist sage,
                                                          silent as he may be,
                                                          has no fear of words,
                                                                for he knows
                                                                  the mind
                                                              may mirror reality,
                                                              yet it is not a thing
                                            and cannot be contaminated by dust.

                                                                The true self
                                                          is pure and absolute
                                                                      as Tao.
                                                                  It is in Tao,
                                                              and Tao is in it.

                                                                                  -- Jos Stabbert