July 29th, 2016

The Tao is Tao (89)



                                                The ignorant
                                          feel cold and lonely
                                          when they think of
                                                    the Tao,
                                                 without pity
                                           beyond their reach.

                                                  The Tao
                                     does not weep at their feet
                                       when they are suffering.
                                                  The Tao
                                      does not take their side,
                              and does not destroy their enemies.
                                                  The Tao
                                              is not a friend
                                who protects and consoles them.
                                                  The Tao
                                                has no face.

                              When the storms rage around us,.
                              we are all at the mercy of Karma.
                      Even the Buddha becomes wet in the rain.

                           The ignorant long for a place where
                                    Karma has lost its power
                                    and where their prayers
                                             lliberate them
                                from the effects of their deeds.

                           The person in harmony with the Tao
                                    lifts her face to the rain,
                                        shivers in the cold,
                                   and perspires in the sun.

                                                                      -- Jos Stabbert