July 21st, 2016

The Tao is Tao (81)



                                              To serve your ego
                                      is to worship a false identity
                                              created by yourself.
                                Ir is like a man suffering from amnesia
                                       reinventing himself because
                                                he has forgotten
                                                     who  he is.
                                         It is likr living in a daydream.
                                    When you awake from the dream
                                                you will discover
                                          the image in the mirror
                                        is the image of a stranger,
                                                yet your true self,

                                        At this moment of awakening,
                                    when dream and reality untangle
                                                    you realize
                                          what you have thought
                                              to be your true self
                                               has never existed.

                                As you move closer to see the stranger
                                      the image in the mirror will fade
                                                  and disappear

                                            The truly enlightened
                                              look into the mirror
                                                        to find
                                                  only emptiness
                                                  in its reflection.

                                                                    -- Jos Stabbert