July 20th, 2016

The Tao is Tao (80)



                                       The greedy strive for happiness
                                        as though it were a possession
                                      that could be achieved or bought.
                                          They do not understand that
                                        happiness is not a possession.
                                              It is a spiritual quality
                               as elusive as the wind touching your cheek.

                                              Those who have found
                                      what they perceive to be happiness
                                            will cling to it desperately
                                                      and desire it,
                                   like someone crushing a beautiful flower
                                                in passionate embrace.

                                      The person in harmony with the Tao
                                                      understands that
                                          the glitter of happiness is often
                                                       a facade covering
                                                  dissatisfaction and greed.

                                                    The Taoist sage  knows:
                                          If happiness is a constant feeling,
                                                      then it does not exist.
                                                     If happiness is an aim,
                                                          then it will vanish
                                            the moment the aim is achieved.
                                         If happiness is the satisfaction of the
                                                    then it is a form of hell.

                                                     Clinging to happiness
                                                          inflates the ego
                                                  and destroys compassion.
                                                    People close to the Tao
                                                          ignore the ego
                                                        for they are alive.

                                                                          -- Jos Stabbert