July 19th, 2016

The Tao is Tao (79)



                                     It is true for this life
                                         that suffering
                                          is inevitable,                
                                     yet not all suffering
                                         is unavoidable.

                                          The ignorant
                                  creae their  own agonies
                                         when they allow
                               their desire, greed, and hatred
                              to turn the fiction in their minds
                                  into the reality of suffering.

                                        The Taoist sage
                                          does not suffer
                                    mind-driven torments
                                              caused by
                                  desire, greed and hatred.
                                          the avoidable
                                for her silence is complete

                            When she faces the inescapable,
                                        the Taoist sage
                                           suffers with
                                the equanimity and patience
                            only the acceptance of emptiness
                                            can bring.

                                                            --Jos Stabbert