July 12th, 2016

The Tao is Tao (72)



                                                   Camoflaged as virtue in all its splendor,
                                                                         vanity lurks,
                                                              ready to strike and devour
                                                          The ambitious are its staple diet,
                                                          for they are attracted to its glitter.
                                                           The religious fall prey to vanity
                                                    for they become obsessed with salvation.
                                                        The wise become victims of vanity,
                                                  for they fall in love with the concept of virtue.

                                                          The person in harmony with Tao
                                                             is beyond the reach of vanity,
                                                            for she does not cling to virtue,
                                                              but she dwells in emptiness,
                                                              and uses silence as a shield.

                                                                                             -- Jos Stabbert