July 6th, 2016

The Tao is Tao (66)



                          The ignorant whine and revile
                              when the seemingly solid
                                       at their touch.
                              The wise search furtively
                            for justice hidden in injustice.
                                The Taoist sage knows
                                     the substantial
                                        is illusion
                                       and justice
                                      out of reach
                                 where greed rules

                          The sage close to Tao accepts
                              disillusionmen and futility
                                      as the gateway

                            The person moving with Tao
                                         lives life
                                    every moment
                               in spontaneous harmony
                                    with his true self
                                         as if life
                                  is the only meaning.

                          To the person in total harmony
                                      with the Tao
                              meaning is non-essential
                               and futility non-existent.

                                                            -- Jos Stabbert.