June 19th, 2016

The Tao Is Tao (49)



                                             Will the sage close to the Tao
                                                        become extinct
                                      In a world where the ego is the norm?
                                    Will despair drive the sage from the Tao
                                     as his compassion turns to bitterness?
                                                       Isn't it inevitable
                                            in a world ruled by ignorance
                            that the new-born mind becomes a stranger to itself
                               even before it can take its first tentative steps?
                                    Isn't innocence being destroyed by greed
                                    even before the innocent have a chance
                                                      to  make a choice?

                                Isn't our harmony with the Tao irretrievably lost?

                                                         Do not despair.

                                                       The Tao is in us,
                                                  and we are in the Tao.
                                                 There is no separation
                                                         from the Tao.

                                                 Like a flash of lightning
                                                illuminates the night sky,
                                            one instant of enlightenment
                                              once in a thousand years
                                              will drive ignorance away.

                                                The Tao has no power,
                                                 yet it is unconquerable.

                                           The Tao is like flowing water,
                                                    which is soft and
                                                seems to be subdued
                                                       by hardness,
                                                yet washes mountains
                                                    into the oceans.

                                                                  __Jos Stabbert