June 9th, 2016

The Tao Is Tao (39)



                                              The ignorant
                                      live in fear and anger of
                                          the inevitable laws
                                         of cause and effect.
                                    They try to ward off Karma
                         as if it were some beast that could be slain.
                                   They grovel before the gods
                                            as if their favour
                                 could render Karma ineffective,
                          the wheel of birth, life, suffering and death,
                                            runs over them,
                                      leaving them in tatters.

                                          The Taoist sage
                                      Karma is inescapable,
                                 yet he lives free from dread,
                                            for he knows
                                          he is Samsara,
                             and the wheel cannot roll over itself.

                         The person in close harmony with the Tao
                                        lives without anger,
                                        for he understands
                                      Karma is but himself:
                              there is nothing to be angry with.

                                     The Taoist sage lives
                                                 as if
                              the inexorable justice of  Karma
                          and the relentless inevitability of Samsara
                                        do not touch him,
                                   he is liberated from himself.

                                                                  --Jos Stabbert