February 14th, 2013

  • trevoke


All men will come to him who keeps to the one,
For there lie rest and happiness and peace.

Passersby may stop for music and good food,
But a description of the Tao
Seems without substance or flavor.
It cannot be seen, it cannot be heard,
And yet it cannot be exhausted.
When you get right with Tao,
everybody wants to be your friend.
When they're around you,
they can relax and enjoy themselves.

People can be easily distracted
by music or good food.
When we try to talk about Tao,
it seems boring by comparison.

It doesn't look like much.
It doesn't sound like much.
But no matter how much you use,
there's still plenty left.

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.

Chapter 35

35.1 When holding the Great Image,
       the world goes on and on without harm,
       peaceful, even, tranquil.
35.2 When there is music and dining,
       passing travelers stop;
35.3 but the issue of the Way
       is so plain as to be flavorless.
       When you look at it, it is invisible;
       when you listen to it, it is inaudible;
       when you use it, it cannot be exhausted.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation