January 13th, 2013

  • trevoke


Not exalting the gifted prevents quarreling.
Not collecting treasures prevents stealing.
Not seeing desirable things prevents confusion of the heart.
The wise therefore rule by emptying hearts and stuffing bellies, by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones.
If men lack knowledge and desire, then clever people will not try to interfere.
If nothing is done, then all will be well.
If you toss compliments around freely,
people will waste your time
trying to impress you.
If you give things too much value,
you're going to get ripped off.
If you try to please people,
you'll just make them pissed.

The Master leads
by clearing the crap
out of people's heads
and opening their hearts.
He lowers their aspirations
and makes them suck in their guts.

He shows you how to forget
what you know and what you want,
so nobody can push you around.
If you think you've got the answers,
he'll mess with your head.

Stop doing stuff all the time,
and watch what happens.

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.

Chapter 3

3.1 Not exalting cleverness causes the people not to contend.
3.2 Not putting high prices on hard-to-get goods causes the people not to steal.
3.3 Not seeing anything to want causes the mind not to be confused.
3.4 Therefore the government of sages empties the mind and fills the middle, weakens the ambition and strengthens the bones,
3.5 always keeping the people innocent and passionless. It makes the sophisticated not dare to contrive;
3.6 action being without contrivance, nothing is disordered.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation