August 1st, 2010

Chapter 79

When a serious resentment is reconciled,
Strong resentment certainly remains.
Thus reconciliation cannot be considered the best way ;
Although the wise holds to the contract prepared by the debtor,
He never forces the debtor to fulfill his responsibility.
Therefore, the man of Te holds only to the contract,
While the man without Te presses for taxes.
The way of nature is free from intimacy,
Yet it constantly stays with the good man.          
                          Translated by Chang Chung-yuan, 1975

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Chapter 80

There is a kingdom which is small and sparsely populated.
There are numerous implements. but no one uses them.
The people love their lives and no one wants to move afar.
Boats and carriages are available, but no one rides them.
Fine weapons are in their possession, but no one uses them.
The people are back in the times when knotted cords were used to record things.
They enjoy fine delicacies and are handsome in their dress.
They are happy with their residences and are pleased with their traditions.
Although the next state is within sight, and the sounds of cocks crowing and dogs barking are heard,
The people live their whole lives without traveling to and fro.

                           Translation by Chang Chung-yuan, 1975.

Chapter 81

When words express truth, they are not refined.
When words are refined, they do not express truth.
One who is proficient does not depend on verbal disputation.
One who depends on verbal disputation is not proficient.
One who knows is not encyclopedic.
One who is encyclopedic does not know.
The wise does not accumulate.
The more he works for other people, the more he gains.
The more he shares with other people, the more he receives.
The Tao followed by heaven is to do good and not to harm.
The Tao followed by the wise is to work and not to claim credit.

                             Translated by Chang Chung-yuan,
                               Tao: A New Way of Thinking, 1975


After a bitter quarrel, some resentment must remain.
What can one do about it?
Therefore the sage keeps his half of the bargain
But does not exact his due.
A man of Virtue performs his part,
But a man without Virtue requires others to fulfill their obligations.
The Tao of heaven is impartial.
It stays with good men all the time.
when an argument is settled,
feelings of resentment still remain
on either side.
What's the point of carrying a grudge?

The Masters care
about what they owe other people,
not what other people owe them.

People who are in touch with Tao
do their duty.
People who aren't
try to force others into submission.

Tao doesn't play favorites.
But if you do right by Tao,
Tao will do right by you.

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.