June 6th, 2010

Chapter 23

Nature rarely expresses itself in words.

When a hurricane occurs, it does not last all morning;
Neither does a heavy shower last the whole day.
These are actions of heaven and earth.
Thus, even heaven and earth cannot maintain their actions for long.
How can man?
Therefore the learner of Tao identifies with Tao.
When one achieves it, one identifies with one's achievement.
When one losses it. one identifies with one's losing.
When man identifies with achievement, achievement also willingly identifies with man.
When man identifies with losing, losing willingly identifies itself with man.
If one does not believe enough in this identity, then it will not take place.

                         Translated by Chang Chung-yuan


To talk little is natural.
High winds do not last all morning.
Heavy rain does not last all day.
Why is this? Heaven and Earth!
If heaven and Earth cannot make things eternal,
How is it possible for man?
He who follows the Tao
Is at one with the Tao.
He who is virtuous
Experiences Virtue.
He who loses the way
Is lost.
When you are at one with the Tao,
The Tao welcomes you.
When you are at one with Virtue,
The Virtue is always there.
When you are at one with loss,
The loss is experienced willingly.

He who does not trust enough
Will not be trusted.
When you have nothing to say,
you may as well keep your mouth shut.
The wind and the rain
don't go on forever.
If nature knows enough
to give it a rest sometimes,
so should you.

If you're ready for Tao,
you can live with Tao.
If you're ready to succeed,
you can live with success.
If you're ready to fail,
you can live with failure.

Trust your instincts,
and others will trust you.

The first version is from the Fortune files. The second version is the Beatrice Tao.