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The Tao Is Tao (176)



If she is a product of survival,
then why does she not gloat in victory,
but weep with the losers?
Ah. my friend, don't you understand
What you call survival is cruelty.
Her realm is that of the spirit,
where survival is defeat.
She appears only once in a thousand years,
but everyone drinks
from her bottomless well.

-- Jos Stabbert.

For 175 versed verses. Stabbert has been careful to depersonalize the Tao and personalize the sage.  The Tao is always "Tao" or "It;" the sage is always "the person." or "he" or "she"

But in this verse, "she" is clearly not an ordinary human being.  Who is it that  comes around only every thousand years and who has a bottomless well from which all of us drink.  She is an avatar of the Goddess.  An avatar of the Tao?

Over the next ten verses. watch "her" merge with Tao.  At the end of 187 "she is Tao."

In the TTC the closest we get to seeing Tao personalized are the times "it" is called "mother."
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