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The Tao Is Tao (156)



                                                     Why am I alone
                                                   when they cheer?
                                                      Why can't I cry
                                                  when they weep?
                                                Why do the rhythms
                                          of their music not move me?
                                               Why do I always see
                                          the darkness in their light?
                                        Why do I alone despair when
                                          they are filled with triumph?
                                          Why does this food taste
                                                        like this?

                                                              -- Jos Stabbert.

IMO,  Thia versae, like chapter 20 of the TTC seems wrong to me.  I struggle with it within my overallunderstanding of  Taoist philosophy..  The uncompassionate source of compassion i can almost accept.  But here it is the Taoist sage who cannot relate to others.  My only entry into Chapter 20 (and this verse is through my autism.  I want to be able to share the honest, simple joy of other people.  Jou is a "treasure"  like mercy, moderation, and humility.  The Tao of my understanding
brings people together, it does not push them apart.  How can the sage be compassionate without drawing close to others?

It is only when people love what they should avoid or  hate what they should love, that i should want to distance myself from them, and then only because i worry that my love is weaker than their hate and i fear being drawn into it.

I know i am  missing something here,  but i don't know what.
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