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The Tao Is Tao (17)


                                                             Analytical thinking,
                                                       which divides and dissects.
                                                       does not satisfy the needs
                                                                  of the spirit,
                                                        for the spirit finds peace
                                                                     in unity,
                                                              which exists only
                                                                 in emptiness
                                                  where thinking has no influence.

                                                To step into the realm of the spirit
                                                        is to abandon thinking.
                                                Can you step over the precipice,
                                                   not knowing what is below?
                                                         Life starts that way.

                                                                                --Jos Stabbert

We say science and religion can be reconciled.
That is probably true.
Can science and the spirit be reconciled?

I want "to send my brain to Harvard"*
But i hesitate to put it in the hands
of people who cannot think professionally about the soul
and tend to equate brain and mind.

*The Harvard University Brain Bank.
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