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The Tao Is Tao (16)



                                         The ignorant see the turmoil
                                          flickering before their eyes
                                                 as the only reality.
                                           The person close to Tao
                                  sees the form moving before her as:
                                                empty and fleeting,
                                          a magicians slight of hand
                                               yet timeless and real;
                                                  so many thoughts,
                                                    mere emotions
                                               insubstantial dreams,
                                             yet the substance of life.
                                           inseperable from emptiness.

                                                                      -- Jos Stabbert.

How do we search for unity
with bicameral minds
in a materialistic culture
in a material universe

We do it with poems like this.
Are we correct?  No.
Do we make sense?  No.
Does what we do have meaning?
Who is to say.

We wonder!
And having wondered, we think.
And having thought we conceptualize.
and we arrange marks on paper
and hope they have more meaning for the reader
than they did for the writer.
And we do not fill the emptiness,
because, perhaps, it is already full.
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