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Daily Tao

Some Tao A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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The Tao Is Tao (15)
bobby1933 wrote in daily_tao
                                                                The courage
                                                            to show compassion
                                                                 comes from
                                                             the acceptance of

                                                                            -- Jos Stabbert
Courage to show compassion?
Yes, compassion often requires courage..
The most despicable or despised,
The most hateful or hated
The most inexcusable and least excussed--
these are most in need of compassion
and least likely to get it.
The good Samaritan is dismissed by Samaritans as a "dogooder."
and by Jews as someone looking for a reward.

What about emptiness?
In mystical traditions
emptiness is fullness.
Emptied of self.
emptied of desire,
one sees a need,
one seeks to fill it.