bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote in daily_tao,

The Tao Is Tao (8)

                                                                      The Tao show the way
                                                           to those who do not need to be shown.

                                                                                      -- Jos Stabbert

A key word in verse 7 was "attached."  Because i didn't see that, i did not understand the verse/
A key word here is need.  In one sense we all "need" to be shown the Way (or a way).
But when i am conscious that i "need" something, it is usually because my ego wants it.

My ego wants me to say or think: "Hey, world, I am that one in a hundred who walks in the Way;
appreciate my wisdom and my specialness."  With that attitude, the Tao may not find me, so i will not find it.
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