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The Tao is Tao (1)

I have much missed my daily dose of Tao wisdom!! Every morning there would be a chapter of Gai-Fu Feng and Jane English and The Beatrice Tao thanks to trevoke.  But one person cannot make a community alone.  Where are the 220 plus people who are on record as watching this site?  Some us may want to indicate that, for us, Taoism is more than a pretty philosophy that we can take or leave.  For me it is daily nourishment and a way of living.

Over the next 188 days (give or take a few) i intent to post this poem of 188 verses (or is it 188 poems with a single title)  I can say little about its author, Jos Stabbert.  As befits a sage, he(?) says nothing about himself(?)
He appears to be a late middle aged or elderly caucasian male whose address is in Namimbia.  He is the author of books about ego and Taoism and has written at  least one other poem; "The Way is Tao."

I have not yet read this poem in its entirety and will be reading many verses for the first time as i post them.

                                        All these thoughts,
                                    Words arranged on paper,
                                      come from the Tao
                                     and return to the Tao,
                                   Yet they do not touch it,


                                      Even when the last star
                                             has imploded
                                    and only blackness remains,
                                        the Tao will be Tao:
                                      emptiness in emptiness,
                                          silence in silence
                                           yet everywhere:
                                        beyond existence,
                                   yet the essence of life.    

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